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Space imagery animators


Posted on 18th March 2006 by Judy Breck in Subject Sampler

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animate space weather
The awesome art collection at the Goddard Space Flight Center here lists the artwork of the Center’s current and past animation artists. See their interpretations of weather, Earth images, and much more. For digital natives fifteen-years-old and younger the arts are becoming one of the most compelling of all careers (in forms previous generations could not have imagined). Arts

The year 2005 in space pictures


Posted on 6th January 2006 by Judy Breck in Subject Sampler

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distant universe JPL NASA
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s very far out gallery here is a beautiful and fascinating overview of space exploration in 2005. The above image from the Universe section is called Mountains of Creation. The website is also a high end model of the state of the web interface art in 2005. The interface is Flash, with a video and an interactive gallery, and these sit on top a platform of richly interfaced links to related sources. Astronomy