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Carnival of the Mobilists #149


Posted on 10th November 2008 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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Hosted by Mark Hooft at Ubiquitous Thoughts, Carnival #149 is a Quiet Fall Festival that showcases high quality writing this week from mobilist bloggers. This week’s post is included, on the increasing certainty that the future smartphone arena for learning is the internet. Thanks, Mark!

Carnival of the Mobilists 56


Posted on 9th December 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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Justin Oberman of MoPocket is the midway barker at this week’s Carnival, which comes into cyberspace from Bangalore where Justin is presenting at a W3C conference.

Carnival of the Mobilists #54


Posted on 20th November 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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GoldenSwamp is a name for the open Internet, as explained here. We mobilists are all working on delivering the gold from the Internet swamp on to mobiles. welcomes the Carnival of the Mobilists, bringing together the week’s brightest mobile warbling for you to enjoy by clicking the blog posts below.


The future is bright .. The future is 3 . .
Open Gardens: Ajit Jaokar
is in demand as a speaker across the world. This week his Carnival post gives his enthusiastic take on 3’s X-Series. Ajit says: “Many other respected bloggers . . . concur that it is this is the single most significant digital development in recent times. I agree.”

Blyk – free, ad-supported mobile phones
Smart Mobs: Howard Rheingold
, author of this post, has been seeing and writing about the digital future since its dawn decades ago. In this post he says a new service may be “one answer” bridging the digital divide for youth.

Motorola’s AJAR set to follow in Nokia’s S60 footsteps
Vision Mobile
: Follow the thinking here of Andreas Constantinou as he details why AJAR will suffer.

The Indian Wireless Carrier War – What it means for Indian Mobile Startups
SmallDoses: Just back from a 6 week long business trip in Bangalore, India, Kiran Bellubbi shares his thoughts.

Jeff Hawkins’ “secret” project is coming next year
Mobile Opportunity: This one is Palm’s secret Michael Mace writes, with some “cryptic hints.”

The Ubiquitous Web
StayGoLinks: In this forward looking post, Barry Welford makes this key observation: “For many, this ubiquity of connectivity will start from their mobile device since that will be their most frequent companion.”

The big world in my pocket
: My own post for the week is based on a Washington Post article. I suggest the mobile in the pocket is a powerful viewer of the bigger world for isolated individuals.

Ancient temple embraces FP codes
Wireless World Japan: Jan Kuczynski explains how technology will “put a stop to . . . cheating monks” in a Japanese temple. I give this story the weekly “best post” kudo because Jan is seeing the wider work of mobile — and a dash of humor always gets my vote. Congratulations Jan, and I hope you get a better fortune on your next visit to the temple.


Just how many third party applications do you need?
All About Symbian: This detailed musing is a sounding board for reflecting on third party applications in which Steve Litchfield says “I’d like to raise up a voice of sanity . . . .

US Wireless Data Market: 3Q06 update
Always On Real-Time Access
: Lots of big and diddly facts here served up by Chetan Sharma.

Performance vs Developer productivity and ease of coding: Why can’t we choose both?

Everything and the Mobile Software Universe
: This post by Thomas Menguy is a good read if you think this ever happens to you: “It may sound obvious, but many many times programmers take too many things for granted . . . ”

Podcast: Impact of 3G Licensing Fees on Prices and Network Coverage
Martin’s Mobile Technology Page
: In this post, Martin Sauter invites you to download a professor’s podcast commentary.

Changing Times for Mobile e-mail
Mobile Enterprise Weblog
: In this mobile e-mail exploration Daniel Taylor says why: “lately I’ve come to assume a different take on things. Right now. Today. The power users are driving the market.”

Mogmo, the Google of mobile?
Mobile Games Blog
: Take a Mogmo cruise with Arjan Olsder: “on to the real candy. Lets test the games search!”

Respond Mobile launches made-for-mobile TV platform
Musings of a Mobile Marketer
: Acknowledging that, “We all know that, like it or not, online adult ‘erotic’ content and services led to a lot of innovation and take-up of web services more generally,” Helen Keegan takes a look at implications for mobile.

Making Better Use of HTTP Headers for Device Profiling
: At the end of his excellent essay, Jason Delport concludes, “Adding custom HTTP headers is a very simple thing to do and it would make a huge difference in terms of creating consistent mass market applications.”

Hacking the T-Mobile RazrV3 to Get Opera Mini Working
: Says Sarah Perez, “if you really want to get your geek on,” you can follow her 16-step hack.

Thoughts on an advertisement-based model for cell phones
: Google’s Eric Schmidt “foresees a future where cell phones will be given away free to the users, so long as the users don’t mind a little advertising.” Abhishta Paranjpe mulls and comments.

Identity and mobile
TomSoft, Technology, wireless, games. . . and more
: Thomas Landspurg tells us that “Digital Identity will be without any doubt one of the big challenge in the coming months. Why? Because of two important trends . . . .”

The 5 dimensions of mobile tagging
unrated – mumblings of a mobile entrepreneur
: This week’s noted newcomer to the Carnival is Dennis Hettema, who gives his take on types of tags—explaining: “When using your mobile device you are actually cramming a PC or Mac into your jacket pocket and dragging it along where ever you go. Because of this the mobile space will, logically speaking, provide you with many additional tags.” Mobile
Wap Review
: In this post, Dennis takes a look at what he says is “the first good, free US mobile traffic site I’ve seen.”

Interviewing Savka Andic on Mobile Marketing & Youth
Xellular Identity
: This is an interview by Mendelsohn Xen revealing youth trends and takes on mobile.

The Carnival will be hosted next week by Eli Dickinson at FierceDeveloper.

The Carnival of the Mobilists is coming


Posted on 14th November 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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It has already arrived at Mobility Weblog, where Carnival 53 is now online hosted by C. Enrique Ortiz. CEO has the best mobile writing of the week set up on his midway. Next week the Carnival is coming here, to GoldenSwamp.

The Carnival of the Mobilists at MobHappy


Posted on 24th October 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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This week the Carnival is back home where it began a year ago. Check it out here for the week’s best mobile blog writing.

Carnival of the Mobilists 49


Posted on 19th October 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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Michael Mace at Mobile Opportunity has posted and toasted the best mobile blogging of the week here. Take a look for an outstanding opportunity to pick up some mobile insights.

Carnival of the Mobilists 48


Posted on 10th October 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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Musings of a Mobile Marketer hosts this week’s Carnival here. Helen Keegan’s writing is crisp and insightful, and points to terrific writing about matters mobile from around the web.

Carnival of the Mobilists 45


Posted on 19th September 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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Drop by MobileCrunch here for the splendid round-up by Oliver Starr of the week’s best writing from the emerging mobile phone world.

Carnival of the Mobilists 42


Posted on 30th August 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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Pedal on over to the Carnival this week on MobileActive here. The host site is “a global network of activists and campaigners using mobile phones for civic action and engagement.” The Carnival posts are social, tech, and other top blog thinking and writing.

41st Carnival of Mobilists at MoPocket


Posted on 23rd August 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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Justin Oberman at MoPocket has done a terrific job of preparing this week’s Carnival here. As Justin mentions, he and I literally live a block apart in New York City, yet we have never met in person. We shall fix that soon: I keep checking for people I see on the sidewalk with a mobile in a hip pocket. Meanwhile, the fact that we met on the Web instead of the street just goes to prove geography is no boundary to whom you can meet online (neither vast separation nor almost none at all).

Carnival of the Mobilists 40


Posted on 15th August 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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The new Carnival is online now at Abiro here. The very first entry touts the QWERTY keyboard. Even though kids type well with their thumbs, the fuller keyboard seems like a far better long range education feature.

Carnival of the Mobilists 39 – includes literacy for children


Posted on 8th August 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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This weeks’s Carnival is now online here at Mobile Enterprise. Included, from Stephanie Rieger at Keitai, is a post about the beta program Mobile Bubble Pop, which among other talents can promote literacy in small children. Stephanie’s entire post is an important look at young kids and their (I think) inevitable use of mobiles as the basic learning device of their generation.

Carnival of the Mobilists 37


Posted on 24th July 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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The drums roll at Mobile Opportunity to announce this week’s Carnival. Enjoy the exciting illustrations and terrific writing about the advance of the digital venue into mobile phones.

Carnival of the Mobilists 36


Posted on 15th July 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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The Carnival is at MobileJones this week — and GoldenSwamp is mentioned in the first line! Drop by the midway to read the finest blog posts this week about things mobile.

Carnival of the Mobilists 35


Posted on 8th July 2006 by Judy Breck in Mobile & Ubiquitous

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Xen cheering
Xen is our host this week. Take in the week’s best mobile blogging on her Xellular Identity homesite.