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Guilt’s gotta go

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Posted on 11th March 2006 by Judy Breck in Schools We Have Now

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At the significant risk of appearing to fawn over Kathy Sierra’s education insights cloaked in marketing words and images, I once again recommend her post here titled Reducing guilt is the killer app. In reading that post, I began to realize:
Kids feel guilty because they don’t like school.
Parents feel guilty because their kids feel guilty and (worse) don’t do as well as they obviously should at school.
Teachers feel guilty because learning doesn’t happen the way they wish it would.
Administrators feel guilty because their schools tend to mediocre.
Politicians feel guilty so they spend more money.
If we have proven nothing else in the last couple of generations it is that all that guilt hasn’t changed anything. In fact, we have to feel guilty because education keeps giving us new reasons to feel guilty.

What if none of what any of us feel guilty about is our fault? We keep trying to make things work that were designed for a learning world now more than a century past. We don’t have to feel guilty because pencils and papers are obsolete and children are now in touch with each other digitally and globally. What could be more fun than forgetting all that guilt and creating the 21st century learning apparatus? Yes, Kathy, guilt’s gotta go.