GoldenSwamp Study Subjects

GoldenSwamp Subjects is a showcase for high quality learn nodes within the open online network. Included are links for arts and letters, humanities, sciences, technologies, reference and other study subjects.
Patterns that emerge among these learn nodes form the online facts and ideas that are the new primary location, beyond the collective minds of living people, of what is known by humankind.

GoldenSwamp Study Subjects Index *= coming soon
- arts
- languages
- literature
- biography
- countries/cultures
- government
- history
- math
- general science
- physics
- astronomy
- chemistry
- animal sciences
- plant sciences
- molecules and cells
- geography*
- earth sciences
- ecology*
- agriculture
- engineering*
- energy
- mines/metallurgy*
- transportation

Notes from Judy Breck

This project is always under construction. The collection began at a domain I created called, where I started collecting sample study subject links in 2002. All of those links are now reachable through the landing pages for their subjects liste above on this page.

The links on all the subject pages are gold in the swamp online for learning. I personally select each link on the basis of its subject authenticity (to the best of my knowledge) and the effectiveness with which it presents its facts and challenges critical thinking. This collection is a sampling from the grand collection of open knowledge for learning now on the internet.

(I check them periodically, but if you notice a link not working, please let me know.)

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