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Posted on 13th October 2007 by Judy Breck

Lo! there is gold in the online swamp

Definition of Golden Swamp: The aspect of the internet where what is known by humankind has nestled into the open online network forming a self-vetting ecosystem that allows everyone to learn from the same virtual page.

Let’s give some thought to why the golden swamp is due our collective “lo!”

For one thing, it is remarkable that since the last few years of the 20th century a swamp that has no physical existence yet contains most of what humankind knows has come into existence and can be visited by anyone on earth who has an internet browser. Lo! indeed.

Even more awesome is what the golden swamp is morphing into and the certainty that very soon it will be within easy and free access to everyone alive on the planet who is old enough and cares to connect. Much has and is being written and said about commercial, media, social, and other implications of the arriving ubiquity of the internet.

Little has been noticed or said regarding the golden swamp — the subject you will read about here.

About Judy Breck:


LinkedIn Profile is the work of Judy Breck — arguably the internet’s most persistent (1997-2011) learning node connective education advocate.

A few of years ago she explained why “I am a blogger.”

In the following 18-minute video interview by Ulrike Reinhard of we_magazine is Judy discusses her basic open content concepts, which are based in the migration of what is known into a virtual network within the internet. This is the introduction to the interview at the magazine website:

Judy Breck  convinced that “everything begins with the smallest unit, the individual. Like microlearning: ideas, meaning, and appropriate political action networks emerge as the patterning of micro nodes. Individual sovereignty is the unalienable civil right of each person. Based in New York City from 1968-2010, see now lives in El Paso, Texas.

The mobile computer can deliver what is known by humankind to each human node — each micro unit. The mobile device, unlike many school and social settings and networks, liberates the individual. The mobile device does not know or care about your color, eyes, or who is your daddy.” She blogs about mobile learning at

For some of Judy’s ideas and illustrations about mobile learning click the starter page here for Judy’s talk The Long Tail of Mobile Learning at the Design For Mobile conference in Lawrence, Kansas, April 2009. The iPhone user in the starter illustration is 20 months old. He will be 12-years-old in 2020. The future education we are now creating now is for his generation.