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Carnival of the Mobilists #151


Posted on 24th November 2008 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists


Carnival #151 is a midway of this week’s best blogging about mobile — sparkling with visions into the future — written by experts with deep experience, keen vision, and some really interesting ideas about what lies ahead.

Howard Rheingold recounts on his popular SmartMobs blog the University of random twittering that he is experiencing on twitter, with “increasing frequency and accuracy.”

Also in the education area, my post this week from GoldenSwamp is about the future I see where: With a mobile in a pocket no child will be left behind in the golden age of global learning that is dawning.

Bringing her audience to full attention at a Future of Mobile conference, Helen Keegan of Musings of a Mobile Marketer said, as she does in this post, that there is no future to mobile, providing then 6 reasons why that will be true if we carry on the way we are going.

Vision Mobile has a post in the Carnival this week by Vanessa Measom about The 100 million club: the bigger picture of mobile software. Reading this post will sketch for you large dimensions against real facts for the mobile future.

Also in the mobile marketing venue, Mobile Point of View by Paul Ruppert gives us some insight into what is happening and what is ahead in: Coca Cola & Mobile Marketing: Reach & Refreshment.

Over on the allAbout iPhone blog, James Burland writes about Push notification as an App Store solution?, giving you a blogger’s expert look at an aspect of Apple’s future.

Analyzing The iPhone and Android Platforms as Validators, at C. Enrique Ortiz | Mobile Things, CEO provides lists of how both platforms are leading into the future.

We welcome Jose Colucci at m | strat, a blog of mobile strategy notes — with a post appropriate to the present economy: Lowering Your Carrier Fees.

Tam Hanna at TamaS60 – the S60 Blog, in a post with lots of images — FOMA / Raku-Raku phones -quick hands-on preview — concludes: “In the end, I don’t think that the upcoming demise of the FOMA phones will make anyone shed a single tear.”

Ram Krishnan at Mobile Broadband Blog gives us a knowledgeable essay on How Does 900MHz Spectrum Re-farming Impact the Femtocell Business Case?

At Open Gardens, Ajit Jaokar looks to the cloud emerging as huge for the future in a post titled: The EU cloud: Integrating the paradigms of cloud computing and sensor based interaction(Internet of things).

The final post of Carnival #151’s gaze into the future of mobile is by Chetan Sharma from his blog AORTA: Always On Real-Time Access. The post, Recap of “Tomorrow’s Wireless Future”, is Chetan’s report of the ideas that came from a panel he recently chaired on Oulu, Finland where 7 of the world’s most knowledgeable wireless experts participated. Chetan gets my nod as winner of Best Post of the Week.

GoldenSwamp believes a global golden age is dawning because of the emerging connectivity of humankind and of what we know. The connectivity began with the internet and is becoming universal through mobiles. What you are doing in building the mobile future is constructive, important, and wonderful. Sparklers all around !!

Next week the Carnival of the Mobilists moves on to all about See you there!

Judy Breck, Keeper of the Tents