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Carnival of the Mobilists #83


Posted on 23rd July 2007 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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Emerging from the GoldenSwamp is Carnival of the Mobilists 83 in full swing at Hogwarts. The Epilogue in the final Harry Potter book released this week reveals that Hogwarts must prepare for a new generation of young wizards and witches. We don’t have to be clairvoyant to know mobile learning must be a major ingredient of the education brewed for the new generation at the fabled school. Uncertain of how long the Muggles will procrastinate on letting students learn at school from their mobiles, Hogwarts has already waved a wand to bring the mobile magic of open education resources to students.

The Harry Potter Dictionary defines Muggles as non-magic folks, but this week’s winning posts (believed to be written mostly by Muggles) nonetheless have near magical insight into the increasing sleight of the handheld world.

We begin with my favorite Smart Mobs — our Best Post of the Week — because it is by one of my favorite people and reviews my favorite book so far of 2007. The post title is Everything Is Miscellaneous is important. It is worth taking notice when Howard Rheingold tells us a book is important. The emerging understanding of the digital world that this book explains is particularly applicable to mobile — which is the superior tool so far for operating in the miscellany.

In the spirit of mystery and miscellany, there are no categories this week to the posts that follow. Their ideas overlap, mix — and will give you a strong brew of blog smarts when you read them all.

. . . about mobility “The next big thing is Touch,” C. Enrique Ortiz tells us, which “will enable for a new breed of Touch-based applications, effectively adding a new dimension to mobility and the meaning of click-through.”
VisionMobile Andreas Constantinou tells us Flash Lite’s mobile market penetration is second only to Java and why he calls Adobe strategy for reaching 1 billion devices by 2010, a “ghost platform” strategy.
Xellular Identity Google’s new mobile search service, Mendelsohn Xen tells us, “will challenge mobile operators who profit well from mobile content such as ringtones, wallpapers etc.”
WAP Review “The site works fairly well but has some issues” Dennis explains about ING’s recently launched mobile banking site where customers can do some viewing and transferring using their mobile phones.
Little Springs Design Inc. Discussing “More than just a pretty face,” design gurus Barbara Ballard and Mark Wickersham, provide a post packed with specifics on how to do the right things for UX (user experience).
Write To Right Your Business Opportunity In this post “iPhone: A Great Marketing Pitch,” Cade Krueger points at several innovative positives about the Apple iPhone pitch, and explores this “revolutionizing branding.”
What Japan Thinks Ken Y-N, who blogs on “research Japanese facts and figures through translated opinion polls and surveys” takes eight looks at different reasons why: Apple’s iPhone: Japan will love it, Japan will buy it,
TECHYPE Team blogger Radedeas explains why i-mode outside of Japan was inevitably going to fail: i-RIP. His analysis is detailed and useful background to understanding mobile factors in Japan.
Always On Real-Time Access “New Whitepaper: What is your Patent Portfolio Quotient?” by Chetan Sharma is a detailed overview of an area that is undergoing broad discussion and fundamental change as “the global economy has slowly transformed into a vibrant knowledge economy.”
Matt Croydon::Postneo Matt tells us he sees LG making some of the same mistakes that Motorola has made with the RAZR in a provocative post on fashioning, innovating and running into the ground. You will learn a some cons, and pros too, about Sprint PPC-6700 in this Op-Ed by Robert Auch who owns one of the phones and describes his experience with it.

The next Carnival host is Debi Jones at MobileMessaging2.0. We hope to see your entry there or in another Carnival soon. All participants writing about mobile are welcome – you don’t need a special invitation.

To submit a post from your blog send your entry to: More about how to enter and the advantages (traffic!) you get from being in the Carnival here. Once you have had 3 posts included in Carnivals of the Mobilists you qualify to be a host — bringing the best mobile bloggers to your website.
You can also submit your entry through BlogCarnival using their carnival submission form.

I am a blogger

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Posted on 22nd July 2007 by Judy Breck in Blogs, Wikis and Swarms

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There is a lesson in the new Disney Ratatouille: do what you are. Remy the rat was faced with doing something that he was: he was a cook which went against the logic of almost everything else he was. As a rat in a kitchen, Remy had a very serious culinary image problem. Because of his size, cooking tools were essentially unmanageable as the illustration shows in his struggle with a spice shaker. Nonetheless, Remy knew that he was a cook and he managed to make it a successful go of it. There is a lesson for us all in Remy’s story. Our times are complex and choices proliferate. We have even created multitasking so that we justify doing several things at once. The lesson Remy has for us is not about changing our times, throwing up our paws at the complexity. I think Remy’s story has a different lesson, which is: if you are lucky enough to discover something you are, be that with all your might and imagination. For me right now, I am a blogger.

I am a blogger at: and Howard Rheingold’s

Teaching like the pros do


Posted on 12th July 2007 by Judy Breck in Schools We Have Now

A New York Times story today on the golf page reports that Tiger Woods’ coach Hank Haney has taken over as director of instruction at the International Junior Golf Academy located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. This is a top school for which some students pay as much as $47,000 a year. The academy is free of the conventional general educational traditions and mores that shape a very great deal of the schooling experience. Golf is also unapologetically competitive. The academy will do what it judges most effective to teach golf to its students. With that background in mind it is instructive to note that podcasts and Web-based instruction are part of the mix, as reported in the article:

Haney plans to review each student’s form every month. One of Haney’s gifts, he says, is sizing up someone’s game after watching one swing. A video center at his Dallas facility will make podcasts and Web-based instruction available to the juniors ”even when I’m not with them.”

Carnival of the Mobilists 80 at mobilejones


Posted on 2nd July 2007 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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The midway is a blue and busy at mobilejones where this weeks Carnival is in full swing. Join the mobile savvy carnival crowd to enjoy this weeks best mobile blogging.

Ancient Roman resource found in open courseware


Posted on 1st July 2007 by Judy Breck in Subject Sampler

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On Bill Thayers Web Site he explains that LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World which is his creation is: a major site on Roman antiquity, including a photogazetteer of Roman and Etruscan cities and monuments (with a very large site on the city of Rome of course); a site for teaching yourself to read Latin inscriptions; the complete Latin texts of [major authors, and much more].

One way people find LacusCurtius is through MIT Open Courseware (OCR) where the collection is recommended on the Ancient World: Rome course for: More ancient sources in translation; useful collections of photos of Latin inscriptions and theatres inter alia; a few old secondary works on ancient Rome.