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Carnival of the Mobilists


Posted on 20th January 2006 by Judy Breck in Carnival of the Mobilists

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Carnival of the Mobilists
Welcome to the GoldenSwamp, which is proud to host the first Carnival of the Mobilists for 2006 — themed this week toward the mobile future. is my blog for posting terrific knowledge available as open content for learning on the Internet. This golden knowledge is the future of learning. In the masthead the Idea Frog will tell you the basics, tadpole tabs lead to more ideas, and if you put your cursor over the little boy he will start learning from his mobile phone. My new book about all of this is featured in the sidebar. My entry for the Carnival describes The Interactive Fly (don’t miss the gastrulation slides). On to the stellar entries below, and again welcome! Judy Breck, Swampkeeper

Before we dive in, click here for an invitation to a 3GSM Gathering of the Mobilists on February 14 at the Hotel Palace (the old Ritz) in central Barcelona. Host Rudy De Waele writes “hope to meet you and the other mobilists” there. (Hey – somebody blog the party for those of us who have to stay home!)

We begin this first Carnival of the New Year with the Digital Evangelist’s Six Wishes for Wireless in 2006. Evangelist Ian Wood explains that he gave up on an effort to recount 2005 disappointments, took a leaf out of his daughter’s books and wrote a wish list. I found myself in hearty agreement with each of his wishes, and liked number 6 the best: tiny pies are hardly satisfying at all.

In the same vein of looking ahead into the future, the Vanilla Gorilla is very provocative in this entry about what might become the killer app for mobile? He gets you thinking about what is really valuable in operating in the digital arena now. But then Primate asks, what will be invaluable tomorrow? The Gorilla posts some ideas. My bet is we don’t even have a name for the mobile killer app yet.

Troy Norcross grabs the predictive spirit of the New Year to express his optimism that Mobil CRM will triumph. Troy is persuasive in what he writes and his thinking is very not 20th century. This entry is an affirming read if you, like me, believe 2006 can be the year we cascade into 21st century thinking for digital content. After reading this post I was sure it can happen and that mobile will lead the change.

Next, C. Enrique Ortiz’ Mobility Weblog casts an experienced eye on some mobile metrics, looking for what sorts of future trends they may reveal. Enrique thinks convergence will be vertical and involve essentially four areas. This fact-filled post gives some hard numbers for US mobile subscriber use. Can you guess the top 3 uses at 32.0%, 10.2% and 9.1? Enrique shows they confirm the device is being used primarily for personal communication.

This week on his blog — that has for years described the edge of the next social revolution — Howard Rheingold posts news of proposals for using mobile devices for epidemic alerts. With a flock of public health and safety worries, including bird flu, fluttering in the future, the subject of Howard’s post promises global health benefits from harnessing mobile messaging, location awareness and other features.

Continuing in the health venue, a entry from Emily Turrettini highlights a blog called Disabled Hands that addresses people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, arthritis, injury or any other cause that has left their hands weakened and less functional. Like Emily, I was struck by the post that explains why, perhaps “counter intuitively,” fully featured mobile phones are recommended. The post explains why and offers tips for a more easily connected future for mobilists with disabled hands.

My passion at GoldenSwamp is virtual learning, and I realized after a few minutes of visiting this Open Gardens Carnival entry that I was learning a very great deal. Open this first in a series of three articles and you are quickly learning of a whole new virtual world: Mobile web 2.0: Web 2.0 and its impact on the mobility and digital convergence. Your guide is Ajit Jaokar, whose many qualifications include leading the Oxford University next generation mobile applications panel.

2006 is already seeing rollouts, and we can thank our lucky eyes that the Wap Review is scanning their eagle eyes through the multiplying mobile web based email services and features. In this week’s Carnival entry, Windows Live Search Mobile Beta is reviewed, illustrated and explained in lucid detail. I not only learned a lot about the beta, but my own judgment on several of these services was very helpfully informed.

In Coming to a Pocket Near You; Advertising to Mobiles Threatens to Annoy Billions, Olive Starr at MobHappy explores with some passion (which I think we all share) an issue that he says will be “white hot” in 2006. Oliver proposes a “smack-down” by consumers, which means you and me along with everybody who uses a mobile phone. The post describes a looming problem and suggests some answers. I was glad I read it as useful background for the 2006 life of mobilist.
This post reflected some good news that kick-off 2006: Oliver Starr joined MobHappy from the Mobile Weblog. On behalf of the MobHappy team: WELCOME OLIVER!

As editor this week I am allowed to select a favorite post. My choice is the one from OpenGardens. What a privilege it is to be able to learn from someone able to extend the principles of basic ideas virtually before our eyes. Keep it up Ajit! You are adding golden knowledge to the Internet swamp, enriching the global learning commons. I know a college geek in Cincinnati, Ohio who has already dipped into your Web2 post described above.

Next week, the Carnival will be hosted by The Carnival invites new writers about mobile as well as old friends to participate – you don’t need a special invite. Send your entry no later than next Wednesday, January 25 to: And, if you have any feedback about any of the posts, the idea behind the Carnival, or its format or style, please leave a comment as we’d love to hear from you.

Happy New Year! Happy Mobiling!