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Yogi Berra Blog Wisdom


Posted on 7th December 2004 by Judy Breck in Mobile & Ubiquitous

This week’s Edge features an article on “Indirect Reciprocity . . . .” As always with Edge, the discussion is top flight philosophy and science, featuring this time an interview with Austrian mathematician Karl Sigmund. At one point Sigmund introduces the main idea of indirect reciprocity with this from Yogi Berra:

“There is a famous anecdote about the American baseball player Yogi Berra, who said something to the effect of, ‘I make a point of going to other people’s funerals because otherwise they won’t come to mine.’ This is not as nonsensical as it seems. If a colleague of the university, for instance, goes faithfully to every faculty member’s funeral, then the faculty will turn out strongly at his. Others reciprocate. It works.

It struck me that we bloggers go to other people’s blogs at least in part so they will come to ours.