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Aggregation after Access – the New Gold


Posted on 28th September 2004 by Judy Breck in Subject Sampler

The internet is not only the new location of knowledge – so we can all access it from anywhere on our planet. Aggregating nodes of knowledge we choose into dynamic networks any time we want to is a fundamentally new way to learn. Here we have aggregated a mask from Aztec Mexico, a statue of Padiamun Nenesuttaway from ancient Egypt, and some army figures from Qin China. Book publishers have been aggregating assets on pages for a long time, but the publisher gets to decide what goes on each page – what you as a reader should think about in combination. The internet gives the virtual reader power of deciding and experimenting with what goes together. It is a new way to think and learn. Interactive aggregation is pure cognitive gold.

Wireless Philly


Posted on 27th September 2004 by Judy Breck in Mobile & Ubiquitous

Benjamin Franklin would be proud of Philadelphia’s technology undertaking reported in today’s New York Times. The city’s 17th century civic visionary invented the fire department and post office there. Now Philly is going fully wireless. 3 huzzahs!

India Orbits Edusat


Posted on 25th September 2004 by Judy Breck in Emerging Online Knowledge

This week India flexed its foresight by putting a satellite devoted to education in place. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh congratulated India’s space engineers and scientists, noting: “Edusat… would provide connectivity to educational institutions across the country. This is indeed a proud moment for our indigenous space programme.” As the connectivity of learning mobile thickens, India will be ready.

Alexander Hamilton


Posted on 18th September 2004 by Judy Breck in Subject Sampler

No adopted son of New York was more accomplished or fascinating that Alexander Hamilton. In the bicentennial year of the deadly duel that ended his life, The New York Historical Society honors him with an exhibit here called “Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America.” A web version makes the collection globally available. Follow Hamilton’s adventures from illegitimate West Indian teenager to American Founding Father. Included is a virtual tour of the exhibition narrated by Historian Curator Richard Brookhiser.